1st Flight of Newest Chinook Helicopter

On 15th March 2013 Boeing completed the first flight of the newest CH-47 Chinook Mk6 helicopter for the RAF.

The flight, at the Boeing helicopter facility near Philadelphia, USA, happened on schedule and confirmed initial airworthiness for the Mk6 Chinook.

“This is a truly impressive achievement for both Boeing and the project team,” said Capt. David Childs, Chinook Team Leader at DE&S. “To see the first aircraft fly less than 20 months after contract signature is a source of great pride for all those involved in this key project.”

The procurement of 14 new Chinook Mk6 aircraft is a key element of the Rotary Wing Strategy and will enhance the heavy lift capability and bring the overall number of Chinooks to 60.

The Chinook Mk6 features an all new digital flight control system as well as the same digital ‘glass’ cockpit that is being installed on legacy aircraft under Project Julius. It is also fitted with forward-looking infrared system, and interoperable communication and navigation equipment. The aircraft is now undergoing comprehensive testing in Mesa, Arizona, before delivery to the UK later this year.

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