Air Signaller Course

The first Flight Operations Assistants Rotary Course (FOARC) was delivered in June 2011 at the Central Air Traffic Control School (CATCS), RAF Shawbury.

This brand new course is aimed at preparing personnel who will be employed in the dynamic world of Helicopter Operations. This is an excellent example of Tri-Service co-operation between the RAF School, HQ AAC, JHC and 22 Trg Gp in a short timescale to support personnel for operations. The Course Commander Corporal Mike Jones, Trade Training Flight (CATCS) supervised the initial course of AAC students.

The course delivers a generic grounding in the procedures involved in managing a UK based military operations room for Signallers of the AAC employed in Sqn operations rooms, (for example Bastion).

Main Topics covered by the course include Flight Safety, Meteorology, RT Communication, Safety Services and Crash Action, Movement and Control of Messages and Flight Planning.

The month long course caters for nine students and consists of demanding theory and practical lessons. At the end of the first 12 days students sit a theory exam, before moving onto the simulated Operations room to put it into practice. Following three intense days of learning procedures of a simulated base, each student then completes assessed sessions as an Operations Assistant, Watch Keeper and Flight Planner.

Graduating students soon to deploy on operations can then progress onto a five day Deployed Operations course. Here, they learn about Mission Planning, Aeronautical procedures, Post Crash Management and ISTAR and Intelligence Briefs.

The first course graduated at the end of July, and will by the time you read this, be putting their training to good use both in the UK and on operations.

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