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Running Dry

Aircrew dehydration and its effect on health and performance. Fluid loss during normal activity in a desert environment is linked to the need to maintain body temperature within narrow limits and unless fluid intake keeps pace with sweat loss, dehydration […]

Commander’s Foreword

Welcome to LZDZ. The JHC as a whole has continued to perform brilliantly over the summer. Great and difficult work has continued in Afghanistan, with a well-executed handover from 16 (Air Assault) Brigade to 3 Commando Brigade, and the pedal […]

Service Marks 16 Air Assault Brigade’s Return From Afghanistan

  16 Air Assault Brigade held a special service at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, in Bury St Edmunds, to give thanks for its return from a six month tour of Afghanistan, to remember the fallen and look to the future. A […]

Thousands Welcome 16 Air Assault Brigade Home

  More than 10,000 people lined the streets of Colchester to welcome the town’s soldiers home after a six month tour of Afghanistan. Some 600 troops from 16 Air Assault Brigade marched through the cheering crowds ‘with swords drawn, bayonets […]

Aviation Policy Update

Did you know? The millibar (mb) is changing name to the hectopascal (hPa). When? From 17th November 2011 the millibar will be replaced by hectopascal. What is the relationship between hectopascal and millibar? The units are directly equivalent; it is […]

Visit of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to the Army Aviation Centre

  No one likes fog on the day of a Royal visit – especially when the visitor is supposed to be flying in and when the Met Office has only given you a probable clearance by midday. To compound matters […]

Fleet Air Arm Supports Yomping Youngsters

Thousands of youngsters from across the South West enjoyed near perfect conditions to take on the Ten Tors Challenge in May. The event started and finished at Okehampton Camp in Devon and is now in its 51st year. It is […]

Departing Commander JHC HQ

  Rear Admiral Tony Johnstone-Burt said farewell to his staff at the Joint Helicopter Command HQ after just over three years as the Commander JHC. Admiral Johnstone-Burt has enjoyed a long affiliation with the JHC, where he had previously worked […]

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