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British Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) AKA: Remotely Piloted Aircraft System The Royal Artillery (RA) A History of Aviation Pioneers (Safety)

Larkhill, a Wiltshire place synonymous with the Royal Artillery, is where the first military airfield in Britain was established for the War Office in 1909 with the first Gunner arrival being Capt Fulton RA in 1910. It was the principle […]

Solutions to Helicopter Blade Erosion Improving Aircraft Availability and Reducing Costs (Safety)

Helicopters engaged in operations conduct a large number of take-offs and landings in “brownout” conditions. Brownout is a result of surface particles such as dust and sand being stirred up by the downwash from the helicopters rotor blades; causing a […]

Embarked Operations (Safety)

If you joined either the Army or the RAF, then the chances are that you prefer spending your time either in the air or with your feet firmly on dry land. But whether we like it or not, most of […]

70,000 Hours in Afghanistan

Hermes 450 has now surpassed the 70,000 hr mark (the equivalent of eight years worth of non-stop flying) in support of Operations in Afghanistan. Spread across numerous task lines the Theatre Integrated Unmanned Air Systems Battery (ThIUAS Bty) have achieved […]

VIP Visits to the JAG

During recent weeks JAG personnel have seen a stream of VIPs. Air Mshl Bagwell, DCom Ops, and AVM Atha, AOC 1 Gp, visited RAF personnel that are based within JAG at Camp Bastion. For the first half of the visit […]

Faith on the Frontline… on Four Wheels

A Royal Navy Commando Chaplain has been deployed to Afghanistan to provide support to military personnel, where he travels throughout the vast base of Camp Bastion on his very own ‘God Quad.’ Rev Stuart Hallam is one of only a […]

High in the Sky Above Helmand

As reported in the last issue of LZDZ, 847 NAS spent the last months of 2012 preparing for their deployment to Afghanistan. They have now arrived and are once again providing the critical task of protecting troop movements in and […]

Chinooks Provide Vital Support to Snowbound Northern Ireland

Chinooks from Odiham were scrambled to Northern Ireland over Easter in an effort to help feed stranded livestock in areas affected by heavy snowfall. The two RAF Chinooks, flown by crews from both 18 and 27 Sqns, were called to […]

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