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Op Olympic Special

JHC personnel and assets were instrumental in this summer’s Op Olympics. We were integral to the Air Security Plan; the Venue Security Force was manned with many from JHC, and when G4S were unable to fulfil their contract, much of […]

Hover Refuelling with TSW

When the phone rings in the Tactical Supply Wing (TSW) Ops Room at Camp Bastion, the TSW Operators know they are likely to have to react immediately, and with haste, as it could be a request for fuel from Medical […]

Exercise Pashtun Vortex

  No-one can say the Merlin Force does not know where to find some summer weather! While the UK was almost underwater with unseasonable downpours, Ex PASHTUN VORTEX was taking place in up to 45°C heat in Jordan. The aim […]

Junglie Training

  Despite having been withdrawn from Camp Bastion, the Junglies of CHF haven’t been resting; they have participated in a number of exercises this year, alongside the Lynx of 847 Sqn. In the dead of night, on a pitching and […]

British & French Troops Parachute Together

  British and French troops have performed parachute jumps using each other’s aircraft and equipment as they work towards a closer relationship. Exercise EAGLES VOL saw soldiers from 16 Air Assault Brigade jump alongside their French counterparts from 11e Brigade […]

Paras Build on their Urban Combat Skills

Paratroopers have been practising the urban combat skills they might need for operations as part of the Army’s rapid reaction force. Ex Bayonet Strike has honed the compound clearance skills built up by B Coy 3 PARA during their deployment […]

Team Medic Training the Reality of War

The sound of explosions and gunfire screams through the air as CHF personnel come under fire while attempting to recover an aircraft hit by the enemy. CHF personnel have to contemplate and train for this type of scenario – one […]

Ex Wessex Thunder

  Paratroopers have been training alongside the Royal Army of Oman to hone the infantry skills of both armies’ soldiers. Ex WESSEX THUNDER saw 2 PARA working with 80 soldiers from the Omani Western Frontier Regiment on Salisbury Plain. The […]

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