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Paras Build on their Urban Combat Skills

Paratroopers have been practising the urban combat skills they might need for operations as part of the Army’s rapid reaction force. Ex Bayonet Strike has honed the compound clearance skills built up by B Coy 3 PARA during their deployment […]

Team Medic Training the Reality of War

The sound of explosions and gunfire screams through the air as CHF personnel come under fire while attempting to recover an aircraft hit by the enemy. CHF personnel have to contemplate and train for this type of scenario – one […]

Ex Wessex Thunder

  Paratroopers have been training alongside the Royal Army of Oman to hone the infantry skills of both armies’ soldiers. Ex WESSEX THUNDER saw 2 PARA working with 80 soldiers from the Omani Western Frontier Regiment on Salisbury Plain. The […]

9 Regt AAC Alpine Skiing Exercise White Knight

  9 Regt AAC Alpine Ski Team, led by Capt Mike Rivington, embarked on the 28th Annual RAC and AAC ski meet, Ex WHITE KNIGHT in Verbier, Switzerland. The aim of the exercise was to facilitate a training camp for […]

Exercise Chiltern Kite

  RAF reservists from squadrons across the country have taken part in a major exercise on Salisbury Plain. Exercise Chiltern Kite, which ran between 13th-15th April, was one of the largest Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF) exercises in recent years. […]

Airborne Medics Test Unique Skills

  Airborne medics have hammered out the skills they might need for operations around the world on Exercise SERPENT’S ANVIL. Troops from Colchester-based 16 Medical Regiment (16 Med Regt) tested their techniques and the high-tech, lightweight equipment they would use […]

British & Afghan Soldiers Strike at Insurgency in Op ‘Cobra Hunt’

  British and Afghan soldiers struck a decisive blow against insurgents in an operation against a Taliban stronghold in the heart of Helmand. A senior insurgent commander was killed after a strike from an Apache helicopter as soldiers from D Coy […]


  Twice a year, the UK’s Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) deploys onto Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) to train alongside the next Task Force Helmand as they undertake their final Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRX) prior to deploying to Afghanistan as […]

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