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CHF Flying Into the Void Night Time Helicopter Operations in Afghanistan

  It’s the middle of the night, a few thousand feet above the Helmand ‘Green Zone’. The Moon is nowhere to be seen and it’s so dark that we can’t see the line of the horizon, let alone the ground, […]

One Year On: RAF Merlins in Action in Afghanistan

  From Benson to Bastion, On 30th November 2010 the Royal Air Force Merlin Force marked their first anniversary on Operation HERRICK. Following transportation to Afghanistan, re-assembly and pre-flight checks, the Merlin Force officially declared that they were ready for […]

A Year With 2 PARA

  ‘INCOMING!’ Already, I can hear that chilling warble of the IDF alarm cutting through the hot, milky air in Kandahar. I’ve just come off a 24 hour shift as the station Battle Captain, in the symbolic Taliban Last Stand […]

Teamwork & Communication Benefiting All

  In March 2009, Boeing and Vector Aerospace, via the Through Life Customer Support contract, began supplying civilian support to the maintenance effort for the RAF Chinook helicopters in Afghanistan. This activity is performed under the MoD’s Contractors on Deployed […]

16 Air Assault Brigade Training for Afghanistan

While the prospect of serving in 16 Air Assault Brigade did not exactly drive me to drink, it certainly had me in the car with the engine running. Firstly, I am a member of the Army Air Corps, or, as […]

78 Squadron Honours Fallen WWII Comrades

  At 2255 on 24th May 1944, a 78 Sqn Halifax Mk III, LV905/EY-W “Willie” departed from RAF Breighton in Yorkshire and along with 431 other aircraft from Bomber Command set course for an attack on railway marshalling yards at […]

Fatigue Issues

‘They were so beat that they could not understand words even if an order was clearly expressed. I was too tired to talk straight. Nothing I heard made a firm impression on me. I spoke jerkily in phrases because I […]

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