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Soldiers & Students Prepare Together for International Crisis

Army officers and students have joined forces to plan for an international crisis and gain an insight into each other’s thinking. Postgraduate students from the University of Essex’s School of Law and Human Rights Centre and officers from 23 Engr […]

French Army Helicopters on Exercise with AAC

As part of the ongoing development of interoperability between the UK and French armed forces the AAC invited a contingent of French Helicopters to the UK to take part in training and exercises over the latter half of April. 2012 […]

Airborne Medics Learn from Fire Fighters

Airborne medics have learnt the techniques used by fire fighters to extract casualties from damaged vehicles. Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team gave a car cutting demonstration to 16 Med Regt at Colchester’s Merville […]

New Era in Deployed Fuels Training

A significant milestone was achieved recently in the RAF’s delivery of training for the support of Defence’s Battlefield Helicopters. A collaboration between the TSW, based at MoD Stafford, and the Defence Logistics School, has produced a new training course which […]

British Army Scouts Out Italian Links

The eyes and ears of the Army’s rapid reaction force have been put through their paces on a demanding training exercise in Italy. Ex Eagles Eye saw recce troops from 16 Air Assault Brigade work alongside the Italian Brigata Paracadutisti […]

Life in the Freezer

While 848 NAS were busy in the Alps (which you will have read about in the last issue of LZDZ), some of their CHF comrades were 1,500 miles to the north conducting cold weather training in northern Norway, well inside […]

Ex Joint Warrior 13 British and French Attack Helicopters Build Strong Partnership

The working relationship between the British and French Army’s attack helicopters took off on Ex Joint Warrior. Apaches from the AAC and Gazelles from the French Aviation Légère de l’Armée de Terre forged an operational partnership during demanding training the […]

New Commando Sea King Aircrew Reach for the Sky

Nine new aviators from CHF were awarded their coveted “wings” on graduating from 848 NAS at RNAS Yeovilton. The ceremony was the culmination of many years of hard work and was the final hurdle in their flying training before becoming […]

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