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Ex Joint Warrior 13 Chinooks Embark for Ex Joint Warrior

Those who deployed from RAF Odiham for Ex Joint Warrior included aircrew from both 18(B) and 27 Sqns, as well as engineering support from 18/27 Eng Sqn, all headed up by, OC C Flt 27 Sqn. The purpose of the […]

Ex Joint Warrior 13 Military Medics Demonstrate ‘Entente Medicale’

From treating casualties on the battlefield to providing hospital care after surgery, British and French military medics have trained to deploy together on operations during Ex Joint Warrior. A key training task saw a female soldier with a simulated gunshot wound […]

Ex Joint Warrior 13 British & French Troops Jump into Joint Warrior

The joint force under the command of 16 Air Assault Brigade, arrived on Ex Joint Warrior on 25th April. Some 1,300 British troops and 300 French counterparts from 11e BP landed from the air in the West Freugh area of […]

Ex Joint Warrior 13 British and French Troops on the Move for Joint Warrior

As part of Ex Joint Warrior, 16 Air Assault Brigade is testing the transport and logistical procedures required to deploy on operations anywhere in the world at short notice. The 1,300-strong Air Assault Task Force (AATF) was being mobilised to […]

Redcaps Ready for Global Operations

Military police have exchanged the armoured vehicles and patrol bases of Afghanistan for the boots and backpacks of contingency operations. Ex Eagles Redcap saw 156 Pro Coy RMP training in the harsh environment of Sennybridge in South Wales to be […]

Paratroopers Train for Public Disorder Around the World

Paras swapped rifles for batons and shields as they trained to deal with public disorder that they may face as the global rapid reaction force. Troops from 2 PARA have been bombarded with abuse, petrol bombs and missiles during public […]

CHF Engineers Repair their Aircraft in Hangar Built by Concentration Camp Inmates

Whilst sheltering from the freezing conditions of Northern Norway, CHF engineers had to carry out a gear box change from one of the Sea Kings that has been taking part in Ex Clockwork. The difficult task took place inside the […]

Reservist Medics Prepare for Airborne Operations

Reservists have tested their medical skills using the lightweight facilities the British Army would deploy in support of airborne operations. Troops from 144 Para Med Sqn, which is the only TA medical unit with a parachute capability, were tested on […]

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