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Airborne Brigades Plan for Joint Operations

Following on from previous joint exercises (see previous issues of LZDZ) British and French airborne forces have now practised how they would plan and operate together on a joint mission. Ex Citadel Guibert, which took place in Reims, France, is […]

Wildcat Prowls on Salisbury Plain

Reservist ground crew from 6 Regt AAC(V) recently tested out the Army’s next-generation helicopter, the Wildcat, during their annual training exercise on Salisbury Plain. It was their first opportunity to work with the helicopter which is due in service in […]

Pumas in Composite Air Exercise

Four crews and two aircraft of RAF Benson’s 230 Sqn recently participated in an intense but highly successful ten day Composite Air Operations (COMAO) exercise in Norway. The Exercise, hosted by 338 Sqn RNoAF at Orland Main Air Station near […]

Police Dogs Help Airborne Gunners Broaden Their Horizons

Colchester-based airborne gunners have been chased down by police dogs during training that has “taken them out of their comfort zone.” F Bty, 7 Para RHA has taken part in Ex SPHINX DILIGENCE, designed to develop soldiers’ teamwork and broaden their […]

Airborne Supply Experts Train for Rapid Reaction Role

The supply and maintenance support provided to the Army’s rapid reaction force has been put to the test. 13 Air Assault Support Regiment RLC was put through its paces on Ex Active Chariot. The Colchester-based unit’s role is to supply […]

848 NAS Training Hard to Fight Easy

CHF enjoys a reputation for professionalism and this is, in no small part, attributable to the thorough instruction provided by 848 NAS. The Squadron, with its complement of 170, is responsible for the instruction of up to 50 pilots and […]

Exercise Pashtun Vortex

  No-one can say the Merlin Force does not know where to find some summer weather! While the UK was almost underwater with unseasonable downpours, Ex PASHTUN VORTEX was taking place in up to 45°C heat in Jordan. The aim […]

RAF Chinook Moves Bomber Command Memorial at Beachy Head

  While many saw the Bomber Command Memorial ceremony take place in London, on 26th June a Chinook from RAF Odiham was used to move another memorial into place, at Beachy Head near Eastbourne. This memorial also honoured the 55,573 […]

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