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Wildcat Unleashed

  Wildcat Mk1 will provide, across the spectrum of military activity but primarily as a FIND asset, intimate Battlefield Helicopter support to Land Manoeuvre (consisting of both Ground and Air Manoeuvre) and Littoral Manoeuvre. Primarily it will support Multi Role […]

Paratroopers Make French Connection

  British paratroopers have been working alongside French airborne cavalry on a joint exercise to improve their urban fighting skills and develop co-operation between the two armies. Colchester-based A Coy, 3 PARA has been working with the tanks of the […]

RAF Benson Delivers Real Life Support Exercise Pashtun Jaguar

  In 1912 Airfield Camp, Netheravon was a hive of activity. The field, blanketed with white bell tents, was a founding location of the Royal Flying Corps. Here, young public school graduates underwent flying training, learning how to support ground […]

CinC Fleet Receives Warm Reception in the Arctic

  CinC Fleet Admiral Zambellas DSC visited Naval personnel 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle at the JHC training base in Bardufoss, Norway. The base, known as “Clockwork JHC,” provides survival and operational training and support facilities that enable aviation […]

Army’s Rapid Reaction Force Takes to the Air

  Troops from 16 Air Assault Brigade have taken part in an aviation skills master class. From parachuting to helicopter assaults and Rapid Air Landing (RAL), Exercise EAGLES FLIGHT 12 ran from 26th March to 4th April, which saw soldiers […]

Puttingthe ‘A’in JHF(A)

  Since the first Apache arrived on Op HERRICK, the force has seen a constant evolution of all aspects of life in Afghanistan. Beyond the obvious physical expansion of Bastion and the development of comforts, such as the tier 2 […]

Exploiting the 3rd Dimension Air Manoeuvre in the Future Operating Environment

  Exploiting the third dimension is simply the ability to use a range of aircraft, whether manned fixed or rotary wing platforms, or unmanned aerial vehicles/unmanned aerial systems (UAV/UAS), in order to gain the upper hand against a less mobile […]

Look Out, Watch Out, There’s a… UAS About!

  The axiom that there are never any old and bold pilots is insidiously linked to the aphorism that you have to fill the bucket of experience before your bucket of luck runs out from the mistakes you make. But […]

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