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TSW Delivering Expeditionary Fuels on Every Major Operation in the Last 40 Years!

  TSW is based at Beacon Barracks, MoD Stafford, but very rarely (if at all) will you find many at home. The primary Mission of TSW is “To deliver aviation fuel support to Battlefield Helicopters in the most effective manner […]

A Year in the Life of… The Air Manoeuvre Planning Team (AMPT)

  I knew I should have paid more attention to the news. Then I might have known what the Colonel was talking about when he said he needed me to “deploy to the CAOC ASAP”. Where on earth was that? […]

A Coy 1 R IRISH on Op HERRICK 13, How Bad? Saidabad!

  The 1 R IRISH Battle Group assumed command of Combined Force Nad-e’ Ali (South) in early October 2010. Most soldiers in A Coy 1 R IRISH flew into their various check points under a hail of fire and this […]

25 Flt Army Air Corps Departs from Belize

  By August 2011 the British Army Training Support Unit Belize will drawdown and reduce its support to the Field Army. With this, 25 Flt AAC will pack its bags and relocate to the glorious pastures of Middle Wallop, thus […]

670 Sqn AAC Rotary Training Vs Fast Jet Training… A Personal View of Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) and Tactics by Lieutenant Dan Leaker RN

  I spent over seven years in the flying training system with five years of that in the Royal Navy fast jet pipeline, and this article is my personal view of some of the major differences between the fast jet […]

Some Things Never Change

  January 2009, walking down the back ramp of a C-130 onto the dispersal at Camp Bastion, it is pouring down with rain. As we walk to the passenger handling tent you have to avoid stepping ankle deep in the […]

British Army’s Star Man

Former Army Air Corps pilot Major Tim Peake is destined to have a star-studded career as a British astronaut. Although not the first Briton to be blasted into space (that accolade went to Helen Sharman some twenty years ago), he […]

CHF Flying Into the Void Night Time Helicopter Operations in Afghanistan

  It’s the middle of the night, a few thousand feet above the Helmand ‘Green Zone’. The Moon is nowhere to be seen and it’s so dark that we can’t see the line of the horizon, let alone the ground, […]

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