Honours & Awards


Operational Honours List 38
Joint Commanders Commendation, Afghanistan
Maj Hayhurst 3 Regt AAC
Sqn Ldr Hammond 18 Sqn, RAF Odiham
Lt (RN) Norris 18 Sqn, RAF Odiham
Flt Lt Brockless RAF Benson

Joint Commanders Commendation, Rest of World
Lt Cdr Westley 848 NAS
Lt Cdr Raynes 3 Regt AAC
Maj Hearn 4 Regt AAC
Capt Cambrook 4 Regt AAC
Flt Lt Capps RAF Odiham
Lt Blois 4 Regt AAC
SSgt Glithero 4 Regt AAC
Capt Sandbach 4 Regt AAC

DFC, Afghanistan
Flt Lt Singh 18 Sqn, RAF Odiham

DFC, Rest of World
Capt Sierens 4 Regt AAC

MID, Afghanistan
Flt Lt Fisher 18 Sqn, RAF Odiham

MID, Rest of World
WO1 Lane 4 Regt AAC

Maj Neville 4 Regt AAC

Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2012
Lt Cdr Riggall 847 NAS
Maj Humphreys AH Fce
Maj Westley HQ 16X
Flt Lt Snowden RAF Odiham
WO Guppy RAF Benson

CGS Certificate for Outstanding Service
Maj Deakin AMPT
WO2 Casey 2 RIrish

WO1 Bede AAC Band

Honours & Awards Ceremony at RAF Odiham
On 10th May 2012, RAF Odiham hosted its second Honours & Awards Ceremony of 2012. The Stn Cdr presented a CJO’s Commendation to FS Hollingsworth, Cdr JHC’s Commendations to Flt Lt Daws, FS Neale, Sgt Jenkins, SAC Twinning and Mr Lewington, and the JHC Team Commendation to the Indulgence Team.

ACSMs were also awarded to WO2 Fox and Sgt Molson. The LS&GC Medal was awarded to Sgts Blandford and Molson and Cpls Black and Docherty. Finally OSMs for Afghanistan were awarded to Sqn Ldr Vince, Flt Lts Brown, Reese, and Symes, Sgts Blandford, Dodd, Francis, Fraser, Robertson, Storey, and Welsh, Cpls Thornhill and Wilson, SACs Coates, Corbin, Harrison, Holland, Jeffries, Langton, Lawson, Macleod, O’Donnell and William.

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