JHC Man Writes Book!

Ian Passingham works at the Joint Helicopter Command HQ and following considerable research in his spare time, has just published a book All The Kaiser’s Men, The Life and Death of the German Soldier on the Western Front which is published by The History Press.

Ian writes: As for the motivation to research and write a book on the German Army on the Western Front throughout the First World War, I had served for almost half of my Army career in Germany within BAOR and learned German, as well as having an enduring interest in the history and culture of the German states before unification in 1871 and since.

My decision to write the book was based on the fact that before All the Kaiser’s Men there was no historical account of the German Soldier throughout the First World War (beyond that of the German Official History, which does not describe the individual soldier’s viewpoint, does not offer an English translation and is not widely available anyway).

This seemed odd, as historians and the media had not given more than passing attention to the experience of “the enemy”, but churned out an ever-increasing number of books, films and documentaries (not to mention journalistic articles), which focused on the “suffering and slaughter” of British and Allied soldiers in a very subjective and emotive way. So, All the Kaiser’s Men provides a more balanced account of the wider context of the war and a better reflection of the events of 1914 to 1918, particularly from the German soldier’s point of view.

Convinced that both God and the Kaiser were on their side, the officers and men of the German Army went to war in 1914, confident that they were destined for a swift and crushing victory in the West. The vaunted Schlieffen Plan on which the anticipated German victory was based expected triumph in the West to be followed by an equally decisive success on the Eastern Front. It was not to be.

• Tells the story of the counterpart of the British Tommy – the German Soldier
• Looks at how the British successes impacted on the life of the ordinary soldier in the trenches
• Gain a wider perspective on the western Front and explore life ‘across the wire’

Ian Passingham is the author of Pillars of Fire (The History Press). He was educated at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the Army Staff College and Keele University. He served in the British Army as an infantryman in the Royal Hampshire Regiment for almost eighteen years before leaving to pursue a career as a professional historian and defence analyst.

Now Available
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