Junglies Recieve a Special Delivery from a True Hero

There were smiles all round when Royal Navy Airmen and Royal Marines of the CHF, received bags of goodies from a local group representing Slimming-World. Making the donation were consultants Jill Love and Samantha Chatfield, both no strangers to the Junglies having made four similar donations. Also accompanying Jill and Samantha were members of the Yeovil club, including Lewis Edon a very special young man.

Lewis is 11 years old and seems to be like any other young man, unfortunately he has been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called Osteofibrous Displasia which has resulted in a large number of tumours in his leg. His doctor had advised his parents that Lewis should not become overweight so he joined Slimming-World for support in managing his weight. Encouraged by the Slimming-World team and showing tremendous levels of commitment Lewis reached his target weight and in doing so lost 10lbs.

Lt Adam Dean RN, a pilot with 845 NAS, who hosted the event said, “Thanks to Slimming-World’s generosity, I can safely say that smiles will dawn on the faces of our personnel serving in Afghanistan when these parcels of goodies are received. Although Jill believes she is the lucky one for being able to make the donation, I believe we are the lucky ones. To have a community so close to our home station, that shows its support, year in year out, is humbling. As for Lewis, he is one of the most inspirational characters I have ever met in my life. His zest for life, in the face of such adversity is simply astonishing. I truly cannot express how lucky I have been to meet such a wonderful young man.”

Jill and Samantha have run the club in Yeovil for some time and decided to introduce a ‘sin bin’ to help their members cut out those ‘nasty’s’ that are all too abundant at times like Christmas and Easter. They both thought that throwing all the ‘sins’ in the bin would be wasteful so Jill sought advice from her group. Jill further explained “I put the question out to a few members of the club. I was so lucky that one of the members had friends that worked at Yeovilton in the CHF. Instantly I knew I had the answer and started the arrangement the very next day. I feel so fortunate to be in this position where I am able to give something back, to say ‘thank you’ to our servicemen and women that so selflessly make huge sacrifices, every day, on operations all over the world.”

The morning’s events culminated in the presentation of the CHF crest, received by Lewis, on behalf of the Slimming-World Club.

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