Message from The Commander (Issue 4, 2012)

Welcome to the last LZDZ for 2012. This edition contains a really good sweep-up of our recent exercise activity, as well as coverage of many other exciting extracurricular activities.

I am constantly impressed by how hard JHC people work to extract the absolute most from the available training opportunities, and the generous and unselfish way everyone gives of their own time to support our many charities.

The next year is sure to be every bit as challenging as the last, we are introducing new and upgraded aircraft, and will try hard to explore new themes in our exercise programme while maintaining a strong focus on preparedness for Afghanistan and other contingent operations. If we keep working with the usual spirit and team ethic of the JHC, then I am sure that 2013 will be another year to be proud of.

Air Vice-Marshal
Commander Joint Helicopter Command

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