New Era in Deployed Fuels Training

A significant milestone was achieved recently in the RAF’s delivery of training for the support of Defence’s Battlefield Helicopters.

A collaboration between the TSW, based at MoD Stafford, and the Defence Logistics School, has produced a new training course which is fully compliant with the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT). The result is that training provided for TSW’s operators will be better structured and more methodical in its delivery than ever before; along with being fully supported, endorsed and governed by formal sponsors. Consequently, deployed aviation fuels support for the JHC will be delivered with enhanced assurance through investment in key enablers. This new Expeditionary Fuel Operators Course (EFOC) is endorsed by the supply trade sponsor, and was created by the TSW course design team in conjunction with the training development flight at Logistics and Supply Training Squadron at RAF Halton. The formal accreditation of the EFOC to the DSAT standard marked the culmination of well over a year’s work, with two personnel singled out for praise in particular: Sgt Chris Baker of LSTS and Cpl Craig Turner of TSW.

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