New OC Tactical Supply Wing

Command of Tactical Supply Wing (TSW) transferred from Gp Capt Polly Perkins to Wg Cdr Andy Males on 11th January 2013.

TSW, based at MoD Stafford, provides specialist forward refuelling support to Battlefield Helicopters on behalf of the Joint Helicopter Command and has been in existence since 1970. Wg Cdr Males has previously served as a Flt Cdr, as the Operations Officer and as a Sqn Cdr on TSW and returns to command the unit following a period as COS in the A4 FHQ.

Speaking after taking over from Gp Capt Perkins, he said: ‘It’s an exceptional privilege to command a unit with such a proud history and strong reputation, particularly during a time of immense challenge in the operational space. It is clear, however, that TSW is in excellent shape and despite a commitment to operations in Afghanistan spanning over 10 years, all of its personnel remain keen, committed and ready to deliver niche support to both Joint and combined operations whenever and wherever directed.’

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