New Years Honours List 2013

Officer of the British Empire
Col Whiteside, Late AAC, HQ AAC (Awarded as Comdt AACen)

Member of the British Empire
WO1 Rowlands RN, CHF
WO1 Tottle RN, CHF
Maj Hook RLC, 13 AA Sp Regt RLC
WO Woodhead RAF, RAF Odiham

Meritorious Service Medal
WO1 Humphreys RN, CHF
CSgt Kennedy RN, CHF
Capt West REME, 7 AA Bn REME
WO1 Twinn AAC, Ex 9AAC
WO2 Charlesworth AAC, Ex HQ AAC
CSgt Parker PARA, 2 Para
WO2 Gault REME, 5 Regt AAC
WO Barker RAF, RAF Odiham
WO Murray RAF, RAF Benson
CT Edwards RAF, Ex RAF Benson

WO Simon Tottle RM, was awarded the MBE in the NYHL 2013.

The Honour was awarded in recognition of his outstanding performance throughout his distinguished career and particularly in his role as an Air Ops Offr on 845 NAS – a front line Commando Helicopter sqn.

Simon joined the Royal Marine Commando’s at the end of the 1970’s, and for the early part of his career worked in several operational Commando Units. He was engaged in many activities from Nuclear & Oilrig Anti-Terrorist duties, to Counter-Narcotics & Border Security in the jungles of Belize and UN Peace Keeping in Cyprus.

In the late 1980’s he specialised as a Royal Marine Naval Aircrewman flying in the Sea King of CHF, the duties of which include Navigation, Search and Rescue, Air Gunnery and Airborne Surveillance.

In this capacity he has seen service in all major operational theatres, including Northern Ireland, Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan. Out side of this normal pattern he has also been the Chief Instructor at the Navy’s Helicopter Underwater Escape Training Unit, an Air Ops Officer on HMS OCEAN running counter-Narcotics Operations in the Caribbean, and the Senior Aircrewman Instructor for trainee Aircrew.

He said of his award: “Whilst it is a fantastic honour to receive such an award, I am sure that I have done no more or no better than any of my colleagues and I certainly would not have gained such recognition without their comradeship and support. However, in these troubled times, it is worth remembering that our families provide the greatest support to our Military and often make the greatest sacrifices. I also hope that this award may give some encouragement to young people who are striving to fulfil their potential but who, like me, were not sufficiently focussed at school: with hard work and dedication their ambitions can be achieved.”

Navy Air Engineer, WO1 David Rowlands, from 78 Sqn RAF Benson, was awarded the MBE in the NYHL 2013.

WO Rowlands is currently part of a Royal Navy team based at RAF Benson, preparing for the transition of Merlin MK3 and MK3A aircraft from RAF to RN ownership.

Previously based with CHF at RNAS Yeovilton as the Operational Fleet Controller he was responsible the administration, allocation and movements of 37 Sea King helicopters. During his tenure the decision was taken to retire the Sea King Mk4 and WO1 Rowlands was tasked to liaise with other MoD departments and compile the retirement plot, whilst still maintaining the Aircraft Operational focus and capability.

His MBE was in recognition of his invaluable contribution over a long and distinguished career, his outstanding knowledge and management skills have ensured the success of Naval rotary wing assets deployed in Afghanistan and on world wide Exercises.

WO1 Rowlands, joined the Royal Navy in 1986 as an air Engineering Artificer Apprentice, qualifying post completion of apprenticeship in 1990. Spending many years with CHF, he has spent most of his career on Operations in locations such as Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

On hearing that he was to be presented the MBE, WO1 Rowlands said, “I am extremely honoured and humbled to have been considered for such an award and feel tremendously proud to have been recognised for the small part I have played in the overall success of the CHF.”

WO Dave Woodhead, 7 Sqn WO Eng, was awarded the MBE in the NYHL 2013.

WO Woodhead has shown over 35 years of exceptional dedication, leadership and devotion to duty. During this time he has deployed to numerous operations and has been previously recognised with various Commendations. Due to his innovative resolute and incisive leadership he has delivered engineering excellence to the Force.

On receiving the award WO Woodhead said “Having almost reached the end of what has been an extremely enjoyable and fulfilling RAF career, the award of the MBE came as a great surprise. Having spent almost 30 years within the Chinook Force, 27 of those at RAF Odiham, the sheer professionalism and dedication of all those who serve the force never ceases to amaze me. Without doubt, it is these generally unsung heroes who have consistently achieved outstanding feats both at home and operationally and whose efforts have led to my receiving such a prestigious award.”

WO Anthony Barker, 18/27 Sqn WO Eng, was awarded his MSM for his consistent dedication and selfless commitment to the RAF during his 32 years of unfaltering service in support of Chinook helicopter operations in numerous campaigns. 

He has seen active service in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, Kosovo and Iraq as well as deploying to Afghanistan four times in recent years – often at short notice – where, alongside relentlessly generating aircraft for very high tempo daily tasking, he has been responsible for the continuous availability of the Chinook MERT and IRT aircraft; a crucial responsibility which has direct impact upon ground operations, saving many lives. An inspirational figure, he forms the bedrock of a squadron of over 400 personnel.

As well as his dedication at work he has been at the forefront of the Basingstoke Scout District for over 17 years during which his efforts resulted in an annual Scout Shop turnover in excess of £22K.

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