RAF Units in the Spotlight

On the 15th September 2012, TSW commemorated the Battle of Britain and exercised their Freedom of Stafford, which was granted in 2008, by parading through the town with swords drawn and bayonets fixed. A large crowd was in attendance with the local community applauding their support.

On 11th October 2012 RAF Odiham had its Annual Formal Command Inspection by AVM Stuart Atha, Air Officer Commanding (AOC) 1 Gp. The visit began in the Chinook Development Flight, where the flight demonstrated the capabilities of the new Chinook HC4 flat panel trainer. The trainer is a Mk4 cockpit mock up comprising of touch screen LCD panels and flight simulation. The trainer enables procedural training to take place, all of which the AOC 1 Group had a chance to have hands on experience of.

The AOC then moved the Officers Mess for the presentation of the Honours and Awards which included him awarding a MiD to Flt Lt Fisher. The AOC No 1 Group Team Commendation was awarded to the Fleet Management Team. The Royal Warrant was awarded to MAcr Sunderland. The ACSM was awarded to MAcr Ruffles and Sgt Spring for completing at least 36 months of campaign service and MAcr Ruffles, Sgt Bamford, Sgt Clarke, Sgt Scott and Cpl Casson were awarded the ACSM 2011 for at least 24 months of campaign service. The LS&GCM was awarded to FS Raymont, Sgt George, Sgt Hill, Cpl Murphy and Cpl Renard for at least 15 years of regular service.

Lunch took place at the Sgts’ Mess with a broad cross-section of trades. This gave station personnel a chance to talk to the AOC about their working life and the day was closed with an address to station personnel.

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