Supporting the Local Community, TSW Detachment to Kenya

Nanyuki in the province of Laikipia is currently home to the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) HQ.

Located at BATUK is 25 Flt AAC and within 25 Flt is the RAF Tactical Supply Wing (TSW) Detachment who is established to provide support to the training of UK personnel in Kenya by manning a 24 hour refuelling  capability in support of CASEVAC helo ops. The TSW detatchment consists of nine personnel on a three monthly rotating commitment.

In addition to its primary role, the TSW detatchment are involved with supporting the Community Outreach Project set up by TSW Sgt, Jimmy Ramage in June 2013. This charitable project, championed by the local MP Mr Anthony Muthai aims to help improve the development of the local community of Nanyuki. During the past months TSW detachment personnel have worked tirelessly often during their stand down periods, to assist with a number of infrastructure projects. In particular the charity’s current focus is on the development of Ndururi Primary School; replacing an old, outdated and dilapidated classroom and kitchen with a newly built facilitiy to teach and feed 600 school children.

As with any charity project, funding has been one of the biggest challenges. However, with the generous support of a number of external agencies such as 25 Flt AAC personnel, Lily Pond Arts and Crafts Centre in Nanyuki and the Servicing Commando & TSW Association, it has been possible to successfully complete such a worthwhile and much needed project. Indeed specific praise should go to The Lily Pond Centre who graciously allowed TSW to host a multitude of events ranging from Cpl Dan Davidson’s very popular quiz nights to charity theme night functions. Praise should also go to the Servicing Commando & TSW Association and Wing Commander David Orr (Rtd) whose very generous donations enabled the TSW personnel to procure a new wood burning oven (jiko) for the school, as well providing vital funds to support the refurbishment of the school last year. Forging strong links with the local Nanyuki community and in particular local businesses and tradesmen, such as David Karuku and John Wamau, TSW detachment personnel and their supporters have been able to make the project a success.

Aside from the school development project TSW detachment personnel have also been involved with distributing donations of school uniforms, clothes and toys to where it’s most needed, such as poverty area schools, orphanages and disaster areas.

As the project is coming to a close it is with a sense of pride that the departing TSW personnel can look back on the rewarding work it has been involved in and the legacy it is leaving behind. “Providing the community with a much improved school kitchen facility for the future generations of Nayuki has been a wonderfully gratifying experience for all of those TSW personnel involved.” SAC Kyle Green, TSW Detachment, BATUK.

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