TSW Airman of the Year Award 2012

The RAF Servicing Commando and TSW Association President’s Award is presented on an annual basis to the most deserving SAC from TSW. The award, which is sponsored by JCB, recognises individuals who have selflessly enhanced the output and reputation of the unit, consistently delivering a performance that marks them as having significant potential for the future.

The winner of the 2012 award was announced as SAC Sam Fell (Log (Supplier)), for his outstanding performance over the last 12 months.

Throughout 2012 SAC Fell demonstrated flare, drive and irreproachable professionalism, whilst providing continuity and focus within the TSW Operations Room. SAC Fell epitomized the ethos of “Service-before-Self” during a period of both particularly high tempo and turbulence and it was his devotion to duty and insatiable work ethic which ensured that the Wing’s output was unwavering. Moreover, Fell’s unstinting dedication to several high profile secondary duties, marked him as an individual with both capacity and exceptional motivation. His performance during 2011-2012 was inspirational and was pivotal to the unit’s continued success on operations and exercises during that period. As a result, despite fierce competition, SAC Fell was selected as the worthy winner of the TSW Airman of the year award for 2012.

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