A Close Shave for Charity

As 1 Regt AAC deployed onto Salisbury Plain for Exercise Pashtun Jaguar most were probably thinking how they were best going to stay warm and dry in the freezing, wet January weather.

However, members from the Manoeuvre Support Squadron (MSS), tasked with providing Real Life Support (RLS) to the Exercise, had other ideas. Not content with erecting almost 100 tents, fitting heating and electricity, one Sergeant decided to go a cut above the rest.

Samson may have famously lost his strength when his hair was cut, but would Sgt Lowe? Sgt Darren Lowe AAC quickly set about canvassing the tented village with flyers for his Charity Head Shave, which after an enthusiastic response quickly evolved to include eyebrows. This was all in cause of Sgt Mickey Vaggs APTC who has developed a brain tumor and been given 24-36 months to live. Sgt Lowe’s aspiration is to collect enough money to send Mickey and his children on a holiday of a lifetime so they can enjoy one last special memory with their dad.

With around 400 people taking part in the joint training pre-deployment exercise the donations came flooding in. Atpr Stavely and Atpr Dixon willingly volunteered to shave Sgt Lowe’s prized mane. The final pledges came to over £800. Anyone wishing to further donate to the Sgt Vagg initiative should contact SSgt Pocock at 671 Flt 1AAC.

Written By: Lt James Marshall AAC

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