CHF Awards Junglie Pilot Reaches Aviation Milestone


Lt Cdr Neil Davidson, Training Officer of 846 NAS, has reached a rare and prestigious milestone in his long aviation career by achieving his 5,000th flying hour (or over seven months in the air).

Many of the pilots on the Sqn could only dream of ever reaching this remarkable feat, and so thought it appropriate that Lt Cdr Davidson celebrate the milestone in the correct fashion with a fine bottle of bubbly.

Lt Cdr Davidson joined the RN in Sep 86 and since then he has not only flown frontline in the Sea King but also the Gazelle, and has deployed to numerous corners of the world, including: Iraq, France, USA, the Mediterranean, Northern Ireland, the former Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Poland and Afghanistan. He is most renowned for being one of the most experienced pilots in the Arctic theatre, spending a large chunk of his career in Northern Norway.

On passing this milestone Neil said “It’s a great feeling to get through so many hours safely. I’ve had lots of very memorable trips in the Sea King, as well as many a scary moment. I’m now looking forward to the challenges of flying the more modern Merlin and the next milestone of 6,000 Hours!”

“The wealth of knowledge and experience which Neil brings to his Squadron is incredible” added Captain Matt Briers, CO CHF, “Neil is a key enabler within the squadron and the CHF as a whole. His role in the helicopter rescue of a Norwegian fisherman in freezing waters in northern Norway earlier this year underpins his tremendous aviation acumen and ability.”

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