Commander’s Foreword

Welcome to LZDZ. The JHC as a whole has continued to perform brilliantly over the summer.

Great and difficult work has continued in Afghanistan, with a well-executed handover from 16 (Air Assault) Brigade to 3 Commando Brigade, and the pedal still fully down to keep our Royal Navy, Army and RAF helicopters working properly over the very hottest period of the year in Helmand. We have also responded quickly and effectively to the challenges of Operation ELLAMY over Libya.

I want in this edition to highlight the outstanding work of all our engineering and support personnel, including our colleagues from Industry. You are producing some really impressive results, not only in theatre but at home too. It is heartening to see that all this effort is being delivered in a spirit of genuine partnership, and you should know that this is appreciated by higher command and the MoD. I also want to pay particular tribute to the magnificent effort of the Army Air Corps in delivering the Attack Helicopter effort for Libya. The team at Wattisham Air Station rose fully to the challenge of training for the embarkation aboard HMS OCEAN, and I am impressed by the way the whole team has mucked in with the ship’s company and embraced a completely new way of fighting and operating the Apache. Well done all!

Finally, and notwithstanding our busy schedule, I hope that you are all able to take leave or at least have some in prospect relatively soon.

Commander JHC


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