JHC Impress At Riat

The JHC wowed the crowds at The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) held at RAF Fairford in July.

Chinook, Apache and Lynx all put on outstanding flying displays to a public and industry audience of 140,000 people while further static displays were on hand to engage with the public including Puma Mk2, Merlin, Defender and Gazelle.

Both the RAF and AAC were represented and received a huge amount of public and media interest. The subsequent digital and social media campaign following the event reached over two million people with impressive images, video footage and stories from all the crews.

It was a fitting farewell year for the Lynx Mk7 Display Crew, WO Mick Kildea and Capt Neill Posthumus of 671 Sqn AAC, who took the top award over the weekend, beating the Red Arrows and Typhoon display among many others.


Apache Delivers an Explosive Display

The Army Air Corps Attack Helicopter Display Team put on an excellent display to thousands of onlookers at the Royal International Air Tattoo in July (11th to 13th July), with the Apache becoming one of the most talked about displays of the weekend.

The Apache display from 3 Regiment AAC based at Wattisham in Suffolk included pyrotechnic explosions to simulate the gunfire and rockets used by the Apache when on operations adding impact and awe to the flying display.

The scenario followed a typical sortie in support of ground troops in Afghanistan, with real time radio transmission between the pilot and simulated ground forces bringing the display to life. Flown by display pilot Warrant Officer Bruce Allen, the Apache show cased aerobatic manoeuvres, highlighting the agility and speed of the aircraft in its ability to support ground troops.

The awe inspiring finale to the display was the wall of fire; a huge explosion followed by a low level pass by the Apache leaving the crowds with one of the best photo opportunities of the weekend.

Capt Jim Trayhurn (Army Air Corps), Attack Helicopter Display Team Manager and Pilot Instructor said: We are bigger and better this year and hope to wow the crowd with a pyrotechnic display, we take the aircraft to its limits to show the public the capability of the aircraft, this allows them to get a flavour for what we are doing when on operations.

The team now move forward to their remaining displays for the season.

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