Junglie Jumps for Joy

Lt Will Major a pilot with 845 NAS of CHF has celebrated his 1,000th jump and the occasion of achieving over 1,000 flying hours in the most appropriate manner – by jumping out of a perfectly serviceable helicopter.

Skydiving is regarded as the ultimate adrenaline rush; fortunately Will is no stranger to the dangers and thrills of parachuting. A member of the elite RN Parachute Display Team, the RN Raiders, he has completed 1,000 jumps from various fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, including the Sea Kings of CHF.

Lt Major explained. “After my first jump I was totally hooked, although I have to confess that it takes a few jumps to get to grips with the initial apprehension. However once you are out of the door and in the air it is a truly thrilling feeling. Leaving an aeroplane at 12,000ft might be considered utter madness but I’ve years of experience with this sport and providing you focus on what you are doing it remains a very safe activity. I’ve had the privilege of representing the Navy at some fantastic events, and standing in the door of a helicopter about to jump is mind blowing.”

The RN Raiders normally jump at the parachute centre in Netheravon, Wilts, which is home to the Army Parachute Association and base for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Sport Parachute Association.

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