Message from the Commander (Issue 2, 2013)

While most people’s thoughts at home are focused on holiday season, JHC planners’ minds are turned to the Autumn exercise season.

The Army Air Corps is readying itself once again to deploy afloat for Exercise COUGAR, during which our embarked Apaches and Lynx will pass through the Mediterranean, into the Indian Ocean via the Suez Canal, and afterwards into the Persian Gulf. Along the way, our people will be supporting our colleagues in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines in a range of exercise activity which will not only test our own operational readiness, but help foster UK’s relations with a range of important regional allies.

Our operational role continues meanwhile in Afghanistan, with JHC aircraft and personnel remaining very much at the forefront of fighting operations while very good progress is being made by our support teams to draw down our overall presence in that theatre and bring our equipment home.

I hope that you enjoy this varied edition of LZDZ and, for those of you able to take summer leave, I wish a pleasant and well earned break.

AVM Carl Dixon, Comd JHC

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