Message from The Commander (Issue 3, 2012)


It has been a busy Summer for everyone in JHC. But our special thanks are due to all ranks of 16 Air Assault Brigade and the JHC flying stations for their large and cheerfully delivered contribution to security throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The whole thing has been well planned, professionally done and been greatly appreciated by the public and overseas visitors.

Elsewhere, our strong commitment to Afghanistan continues and we are seeing the nature of operation continue to change as we move along the path of transition towards the conclusion of our fighting role in 2014. We are tracking these changes very carefully to ensure that our training stays relevant and as realistic as we can possibly make it. One example of this, in the article on Page 30, is a particularly clever approach in using wounded veterans to help with training in emergency medical response. I have enormous respect for the individuals who are helping us in this way.

Enjoy, wherever you can, the remainder of the Summer!

Air Vice-Marshal
Commander Joint Helicopter Command

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