Message from the Commander (Issue 3, 2013)

Welcome to the autumn edition of LZDZ.

In a characteristically assured burst of final editorship before leaving us on posting, Sqn Ldr Tom Draper has produced his best edition yet of our esteemed journal. The sheer diversity of activity in JHC is particularly well celebrated this month, with articles from just about every part of our large organisation. I am particularly pleased to see a piece from our aviation colleagues in 1 Artillery Brigade, and congratulate them on the achievement of 70 000 flying hours on the Hermes 450 system. This is a formidable achievement by any measure, and many tactical successes have been achieved, and innocent lives saved, by the skill and dedication of the gunners. I am sure that the officers of the brigade are every bit as busy today as their forbears were in the First World War (see photo p16). We look forward to future articles from them as we ready ourselves to embrace the new WATCHKEEPER system which enters Army service next year, and the JHC adjusts to its new responsibility as Aircraft Operating Authority for Army Unmanned Air Systems.

AVM Carl Dixon, Comd JHC

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