RNR Aviator Achieves 6,000 Flying Hours

Reaching 6,000 hours of flying is a major milestone for any aviator, but for Lt Cdr Ric Fox OBE RNR, he achieved this tremendous milestone 200 miles inside the arctic circle in northern Norway.

Deploying to Norway for six weeks and on his 8th winter visit, Ric is part of the instructional staff teaching front line Sea King aircrew arctic flying skills and environmental qualifications.

Ric, retired from the active list last year after 34 years service and is now serving with 848 NAS as a QHI whilst also flying commercial helicopters for Vantage Aviation. “I am delighted to be back flying a military aircraft with the RNR Air Branch and not a desk as I was in some of my last few active service assignments,” explained Ric, “the detachment to Norway marks 25 years since I first trained at Royal Norwegian Air Force Bardufoss with 845 NAS and it’s great to be back training so many gifted aviators.”

The OC of the RN Training facility in Norway, Lt Cdr Matt Punch added, “A previous CO of 848 NAS and COS in the CHF HQ, Ric has utilised his vast aviation acumen during this deployment and provided exceptional direction to his students. Indeed, Ric was also on hand to demonstrate these attributes during a flight with RAdml Philip Jones, Controller of the Navy, who was visiting Norway to gain a greater understanding of what the base offers in the way of facilities and training.”

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